[Rspamd-Users] DNS resolution issues affecting RBL usage

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Fri Nov 11 22:36:30 UTC 2022

Dear Rspamd community,

I'm running Rspamd 3.2 under Fedora 37. I have been unable to find
Fedora packages for Rspamd 3.4, otherwise I would have upgraded.

The error messages in the log are all similar:
"rspamd_monitored_dns_mon: cannot make request to resolve [address]".

Bind 9 is running on the host, forwarding recursive queries to my
hosting provider's name servers. Bind handles authoritative queries for
my domains locally. DNS resolution appears to be working on the host.

I tried increasing the DNS timeout in the Rspamd configuration, but that
didn't help. Temporarily turning off the firewall didn't help either. I
couldn't find any relevant SELinux errors in the logs.

Debugging suggestions welcome.

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