[Rspamd-Users] multimap rule priority

Alexander Moisseev moiseev at mezonplus.ru
Wed Mar 16 17:12:43 UTC 2022

On 16.03.2022 19:41, d tbsky wrote:
> Hi:
>      I try to use multimap to setup some white-list and black-list.  I
> want to use pre-filter mode so I can define "action accept"  for my
> white-list and "action reject" for my black-list. but I found there is
> situations which apply to both rules. can I make sure which rule has
> higher priority? can I use "weight" at the symbol or some kind of
> method?
>       thanks a lot for your help.

You can use conditional maps[1].

     require_symbols = "!SYMBOL_WHITE";

[1] https://rspamd.com/doc/modules/multimap.html#conditional-maps

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