[Rspamd-Users] BYPASS_CHECKS and multiple recipients

Christos Chatzaras chris at cretaforce.gr
Sat Mar 5 10:55:02 UTC 2022

I have domains at example.com in a bypass checks map.

2022-03-05 12:42:56 #28437(normal) <587d08>; task; rspamd_task_write_log: id: <DKRCFZGZDKPJIZEKQMKJDRS at mega.nz>, qid: <B190C2730B>, ip:, from: <yfuiskjk at mega.nz>, (default: F (no action): [0.00/15.00] [ASN(0.00){asn:205457, ipnet:, country:ES;},BYPASS_CHECKS(0.00){domains at example.com;}]), len: 813, time: 24.707ms, dns req: 1, digest: <debe0b5da752aec50c5a9a44e9e45c2f>, rcpts: <chris at example.com,domains at example.com>, mime_rcpts: <chris at example.com>, forced: no action "Matched map: BYPASS_CHECKS"; score=nan (set by multimap)

When someone sends spam using "To: chris at example.com, domains at example.com" then chris at example.com is excluded from checking too.

Is any way to keep rspamd checks enabled for chris at example.com and disabled for domains at example.com ?

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