[Rspamd-Users] WebUI fails to scan a raw message

Alain de Longue stainsby_only at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 2 20:07:44 UTC 2022

If I use the rspamd webui and got to the Scan/Learn tab, put a raw email message into the message source pane, and select "Scan Message", the scan fails with the following two errors displaying:
local> Cannot upload data: invalid command
Request failed
When I look into the rspamd log I see:
<4fd9f3>; csession; rspamd_controller_check_fin_task: cannot check <(NULL)>: invalid command

Is this some kind of settings issue? The rspamd server is behind a proxy.
Also please note, If I put in the raw message and hit "Upload SPAM", I don't see any error displayed.

Any help is appreciated.

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