[Rspamd-Users] SPF DNS Error / R_SPF_DNSFAIL

Tim C timc at slowb.ro
Tue Dec 27 02:37:38 UTC 2022

On 20/12/22 02:09, Carlos Mogas da Silva via Users wrote:

> I see the DNS request on my DNS server and a "working" reply going out. What can cause this error
> and/or how can I debug it?

Sounds like it is not receiving the response. Could confirm with tcpdump 
that it is being received: (I think this is the command:)

tcpdump -i eth port 53

Otherwise change/check your /etc/resolv.conf and confirm the servers are 
responding and check systemd-resolve

But depending on your rspamd config, (jump into the docker container for 
example, and check with dig etc)

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