[Rspamd-Users] Unable to disable rspamd for a recpt

G.W. Haywood rspamd at jubileegroup.co.uk
Fri Dec 2 12:48:39 UTC 2022

Hi there,

On Fri, 2 Dec 2022, George Asenov wrote:
> On 30-Nov-22 5:40 PM, George Asenov wrote:
>> I'm trying to disable rspamd for a particular user but if I use the example 
>> from the documentation it doesn't work.

My crystal ball is a little foggy this morning, to which example from
which documentation do you refer?  Sometimes people will read a random
tutorial on the Web, years out of date, and call it the documentation.

>> In /etc/rspamd/local.d/settings.conf
>> ################
>> whitelist {
>>          priority = low;
>>          want_spam = yes;
>>          rcpt = "user-email at domain.tld";

I do not think that this is what you have in your settings.  It will
probably help more if you give real values.  If (understandably) you
do not want to give the actual email address on a public mailing list
by all means set up a dummy account to send mail to yourself, and use
that to demonstrate the problem, but please don't just change the real
values and post them here without testing them first.

In all the examples which I have seen documented, the "rcpt" line
appears before the "want_spam" line.  You have them the other way
around.  I do not believe that this is your problem, but before asking
a question like this I would have tried to follow the documentation
more closely.

>> }
>> ##################
>> I tried with priority high also with no success
>> With that config the user continue to have messages marked as spam, subject 
>> rewrite and etc.

Please show the entire settings file, not just a part of it.

Quoting the documentation at


Settings structure

The settings file should contain a single section called “settings”:

Are you sure that you have such a settings section, and have you
placed your "whitelist" settings within it?  Something like

settings {

   whitelist { ... }


> It's been 2 days with no answer?

Please don't get excited.  If you are not satisfied with the support
you can always ask for a refund of what you paid for it.

Maybe nobody read your post.

Maybe the people who know the answers drop everything from Bulgaria.

Maybe they're too busy, or too busy to answer questions which they
think do not give the full information, or maybe they have a policy of
ignoring questions of that kind.  Please try searching for "How to ask
questions the smart way" by a Mr. Eric S. Raymond.

> How come no one knows ?!

The conclusion implied by your question is not justified.

>> Also
>> Is there any way to disable rspamd completely (like this want_spam = yes;) 
>> but for a list of users in a map?

Yes, I'm sure that there are several ways to do something like this,
but let's see if we can walk before we try to run.  I am not by any
measure an rspamd expert and I guess that people more familiar with
the package than I am will be reading.



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