[Rspamd-Users] Custom Ratelimit help

George Asenov george.asenov at wpxhosting.com
Thu Aug 18 12:07:29 UTC 2022


We now have one simple and old setup with postfix + milter graylist as 
non-smtp and smtp-milter which was working ok for us using the "bug" 
that milter protocol does not support reject on non-smtp milter 
connections. Because when postfix receive reject on non-smtp milter it 
return the message in the queue.

So when some user send many emails using php mail() milter greylist 
count them and when exceed the threshold  (30 mails per 30 min)it return 
the message to the queue and after 30 minutes it send another 30 and so on.

When the account is compromised and send spam this fill up the queue 
which we monitor and act based on messages contents and headers. If the 
messages are normal mass mail we leave them and they are send on batches 
of 30 per 30 minutes.

Now we are looking forward to remove spamassassin and milter greylist 
and replace them with RSPAMD.

But we are struggling to do something similar with RSPAMD.
As I understand the ratelimit module can do something similar but only 
with authenticated users. All that come trough non-smtp milter are accepted.
So y tried to use  custom LUA script for ratelimit. With custom defined 
Symbol with
task:set_pre_result('reject', 'some message')
in order to be able to reject the message. But in this case postfix just 
bonce back the message to the user executed the script which is not what 
we want.

The main question is how to send such response to postfix from 
non-smtp-milter to return the message to the queue when the rate limit 
kick in?

Thank you in advance!

Warm regards
George A.

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