[Rspamd-Users] instead of rejecting spam mail, want deliver it to mailbox

Ralf Kania ralf at lx-work.de
Tue Aug 2 11:46:59 UTC 2022

Hi all,


I want to tag a mail for some recipients as spam with rspamd, and deliver it
to mailbox.

But the global option is reject.

Have tried it with multimap, and also with settings.conf. But in this case
the Score is set to 0.



        type = "rcpt";

        prefilter = true;

        filter = "email";

        map = "/etc/rspamd/local.d/maps.d/tag_spam_rcpt.map";

        action = "accept";

        description = "tag spam to rcpt and deliver";

        regexp = true;

        symbol = "TAG_SPAM_RCPT";


In the map file is defined an email address like user at example.com
<mailto:user at example.com> 


In the mail header I found this:

X-Rspamd-Queue-Id: 6BD93105A1A

X-Spamd-Result: default: False [0.00 / 20.00];

             TAG_SPAM_RCPT(0.00)[user at example.com]

X-Rspamd-Pre-Result: action=no action;


             Matched map: TAG_SPAM_RCPT

X-Spam-Status: No, score=0.00

If the score formerly is 10.00 as example from spamassassin score, it is now

How can I receive spam mails with the spam core, but not reject?


thanks in advance



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