[Rspamd-Users] rate limit and mail delivery reports

Christos Chatzaras chris at cretaforce.gr
Mon Sep 20 14:52:13 UTC 2021


I use two postfix relays to send e-mails from other servers.

As I can't use selector 'user.lower' because the relays don't have users, my ratelimit.conf contains:

rates {
    "12000" = {
      selector = 'from.lower';
      bucket = {
        burst = 12000;
        rate = "12000 / 1d";

The problem is that if many senders ask for "delivery reports" then this rate limit is hit because all these reports use "From: MAILER-DAEMON at smtp1.example.com" or "From: MAILER-DAEMON at smtp2.example.com". Is any way to exclude MAILER-DAEMON at smtp1.example.com and MAILER-DAEMON at smtp2.example.com from the rate limit?

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