[Rspamd-Users] rspamd - Problem using rspamc in /var/vmail/[domain]/[user]

Andreas Wass - Glas Gasperlmair a.wass at glas-gasperlmair.at
Tue Oct 5 14:21:58 UTC 2021


Testing rspamd for using it in our production mail environment postfix, 
dovecot, rspamd

For later, i wanna use rspamc to learn spam an ham but if i use:
rspamc symbols 

i get this result(score is enormous high), because i think it can not 
read the whole message correctly:

Results for file: 
(0.052 seconds)
[Metric: default]
Action: add header
Spam: true
*Score: 14.65 / 15.00*
Symbol: ARC_NA (0.00)
Symbol: DMARC_NA (0.00)[No From header]
Symbol: MIME_GOOD (-0.10)[text/plain]
Symbol: MIME_TRACE (0.00)[0:+]
Symbol: MISSING_DATE (1.00)
Symbol: MISSING_FROM (2.00)
Symbol: MISSING_MID (2.50)
Symbol: MISSING_SUBJECT (2.00)
Symbol: MISSING_TO (2.00)
Symbol: RCVD_COUNT_ZERO (0.00)[0]
Symbol: R_DKIM_NA (0.00)
Symbol: R_MISSING_CHARSET (0.50)
Symbol: R_MIXED_CHARSET (2.25)
Message-ID: undef

in GUI it looks like this:

I think, the reason ist because the files in /var/vmail/DOMAIN/USER are 
not human readable and looks like encrypted and loks like this:

^_<8b>^H^@^@^@^@^@^@^C<9d>UasÚH^Lý<9c>ý^U^Z><91>¶kl<83><89>q<80>)^A<92>´^M¹¶¦íÝt:7k{<8d>·5kw½@Ò_^?2$^M&!Í<85>Ä<8c>mi<9f>¤§'ñ<91>ë<85><92>ô=Ó<89>^G]f¬XQ¼<9e>¥¬ 3Vä\¥s&<94>Át<9f><8c>x*<96>\ñ<88>N3^O<98><8c>Äëª^KùÈC<8e>.<91>^G±Êæ<80>¯S˨ú@ý«e^_^Y&þYß^NÉAp}ë<86>!<8d>4^KY

... and so on

What can i do?

How do you handle this?

best regards Andi

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