[Rspamd-Users] Bayes not scanning some e-mails

Tim Harman tim at muppetz.com
Sun Oct 3 22:59:34 UTC 2021

On 29/09/2021 1:47 am, azurit at pobox.sk wrote:
> Hi all,
> recently, i noticed that not all e-mails contains symbols from
> bayes/statistic module - none of BAYES_HAM and BAYES_SPAM. I was able
> to catch one of such messages with debugging info enabled (see below).
>  Can anyone help me to understand why is this happening? In this
> particular case, the message was spam and was delivered into INBOX
> because of missing score from bayes.
> Thanks.

Was it a really short message? I think you need at least 11 words for 
bayes to be used.
At least that's how I read the following page 
https://rspamd.com/doc/configuration/statistic.html (min_tokens : 
minimum number of words required for statistics processing)

Happy to be corrected - not exactly sure what that option does.


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