[Rspamd-Users] Save email address as Spam in RSPAMD

Jesse Norell jesse at kci.net
Wed Nov 24 17:27:52 UTC 2021

On Wed, 2021-11-24 at 14:41 +0100, Stefan Harbich wrote:
> i see "soft reject" in the RSPAMD history, but the mails did not end
> up
> in the spam folder.

A "soft reject" refers to greylisting, which rejects mail with a
temporary code, and it is up to the sending mail server to resend the
message at a later time, and if the message isn't resent later, it's
gone.  Mail in a spam folder has been accepted and delivered, if you
want it to end up there, don't reject it.  Rspamd is a milter, it
cannot respond to your mta telling it to both reject and allow a
message; if you want something to snarf up all mail into a quarantine
type setup, set it up as a milter ahead of rspamd, or otherwise
configure your mta to send to/through your quarantine setup.

Jesse Norell
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