[Rspamd-Users] Invitation to test our latest beta domain blocklist

Riccardo Alfieri riccardo.alfieri at spamteq.com
Wed Nov 17 14:00:32 UTC 2021


We’d like to invite the Rspamd community to test our beta domain 
blocklists with hostnames.

We’ve developed this version of the DBL to provide increased accuracy 
when using the abused-legit component of the DBL (listings of 
compromised websites). 

The beta blocklist is available via our public mirrors 
“dbl-beta.spamhaus.org”. It will be available until Jan 31st, 2022. 
After this time, it will be moved to production and will only be 
available via our Data Query Service or rsync.

If you are a non-commercial user of the Spamhaus Project’s blocklists 
(via its Public Mirrors), we recommend moving to a free DQS account with 
access to additional blocklists. 

For the Rspamd community using our specially developed plug-in, we’ve 
put together some configuration updates to use with this beta version; 
After making a few amends and additions to the code, you will be able to 
use the beta zone immediately.

We’d love to get your feedback on the beta DBL with hostnames. You can 
reach us either in this forum, via our contact form 
https://www.spamhaus.com/#contact-form, or on Twitter 

Thanks for your support!

Best regards,
Riccardo Alfieri

Spamhaus Technology

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