[Rspamd-Users] settings.conf sections and rcpt/from

Ronny Seffner r.seffner at seffner-schlesier.de
Mon Nov 8 07:44:19 UTC 2021

Thanks for your reply Jesse,

> There is no combining of multiple settings sections, from the
> documentation:
>    priority - high (3), medium (2), low (1) or any positive integer
>    value (default priority is low). Rules with greater priorities are
>    matched first. From version 1.4 Rspamd checks rules with equal
>    priorities in alphabetical order. Once a rule matches only that rule
>    is applied and the rest are ignored.
Here ist written about "rules". Equals "rule" and "section"?

If I have following 2 sections, is then the first an match and "excludes" the second?
I think the match-part is then "(mime-)from", "(mime-)rcpt", "ip", "hostname", "local", "user", "(request_)header", "authenticated" and "selector".

section1 {
  id = "section1";
  rcpt = "user at domain.tld";
  apply ...
section2 {
  id = "section2";
  from = "other at foreigndomain.tld";
  rcpt = "user at domain.tld";
  apply ...

I want to do an action if recipient matches, but I also want if recipient matches but sender is an special one. How to solve this?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Ronny Seffner

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