[Rspamd-Users] Remove symbol / weight problem

Gregory Sloop gregs at sloop.net
Fri May 21 18:08:36 UTC 2021

So, I have 7z defined with a large weight in bad_extensions = 40, I think.
Then I have these defs (along with other unrelated defs)

I'll explain what this does. It identifies if the mail is 
from joe at sixpax.com, and 
to sally at halfrax.com, and 
if it's got an attchment with a .7z extension.

Finally the last combo checks that all those symbols exist (are active? I'm not sure the correct terminology) along with MIME_BAD_EXTENSION" and it unsets the score and symbol of MIME_BAD_EXTENSION.

However, when I process a message using the rspamd UI in the "scan/learn" tab, I see that all those symbols are there, but MIME_BAD_EXTENSION doesn't get unset.

awl_some.sender_sender {
	type = "from";
	filter = "from(smtp)";
	map =  ["joe at sixpax.com"];

awl_other.recipient_recipient {
	type = "rcpt";
	filter = "email:addr";
	map =  ["sally at halfrax.com"];

awl_filetype_7z {
	type = "filename";
	filter = "extension";
	map =  ["7z"];

awl_allow_through {
	expression = "awl_some.sender_sender & awl_other.recipient_recipient & awl_filetype_7z & ^MIME_BAD_EXTENSION";

Following is an output of those symbols from the scan/learn symbols output.

MIME_BAD_EXTENSION (80) [7z,pdf]
awl_filetype_7z (0) [7z]
awl_some.sender_sender (0) [joe at sixpax.com]
awl_other.recipient_recipient (0) [sally at halfrax.com]


I've tried a number of different things, but nothing seems to work as I'd expect.
Any pointers at what I'm doing wrong?


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