[Rspamd-Users] Backup MX?

Tomek Kołosowski tomek at kolosowscy.pl
Fri May 7 13:29:45 UTC 2021


I'd like to ask about best practices revolving around setting up backup 
MX server with rspamd. Mainly, how complex this setup should be?

I'll describe my specific use case here, though I'm sure this can be 
generalized to a more broad use-case range. But without further due:

I have a personal self-hosted at home mailserver and I'm planning on 
setting up a proper backup MX in OVH. The stack is composed of 
postfix/dovecot/rspamd/clamav/roundcube, put together manually from 
distribution's packages (in this case, gentoo).

I'm planning on setting up a backup in OVH and was wondering if simple 
plain postfix with proper backup mx transport configuration would do, or 
do I also have to setup rspamd there as well? As far as I noticed, 
rspamd only checks direct sender against spam lists so I guess with such 
simple setup those checks would effectively stop working, as most email 
senders would try backup after noticing that primary server rejected 
their email?

On the other hand, if I were to setup rspamd there, how complex the 
deployment has to be as to not degrade protection measures? Do I have to 
cluster/synchronize bayes/neural/other storages? Or is there a simpler 
setup that I can get up to speed on backup MX that would not degrade my 
spam protection?

Any input is highly appreciated guys :)

Tomasz Kołosowski

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