[Rspamd-Users] Configuration issue

Ludwig Bayerlein lbayerlein at lbayerlein.de
Wed Mar 24 14:15:55 UTC 2021


I think, i do have an configuration issue. I setup rspamd with redis 
backend. My infrastructure is built on one master called "rspamdmaster" 
and two clients "rspamd1" and "rspamd2". Everything is installed on 
CentOS 7 with actual updates and rspamd version 2.7.

My actual behaviour is a problem with updating between rspamd and redis. 
Every scanned mail is written to rspamdmaster. All informations are 
updated on the clients "rspamd1" and "rspamd2", unfortunately the webui 
shows that update on the "rspamdmaster", but not on the "rspamd1" and 
"rspamd2". If I restarted the service on the clients, the updates are 
shown (without touching the redis databases).

If I take a look onto the "History" tab on the webui, there comes errors 
from the client: http error occurred: IO read error: unexpected EOF

"redis-cli monitor" on the clients printing no errors. "History" tab is 
showing updates on mailtraffic.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you very much,

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