[Rspamd-Users] Antivirus patterns_fail and force_actions

Zbynek Jun postmaster at junix.cz
Wed Mar 17 22:19:59 UTC 2021


	i redefined symbol name for some antivirus fail states in antivirus.conf

  patterns_fail {
    # symbol_name = "pattern";
    SOPHOS_FAILED = '^failed to scan and retransmits exceed$';

and added coresponding section in force_actions.conf

    action = "soft reject";
    expression = "SOPHOS_FAILED";
    message = "Rejected due to temporary system problem";

but symbol seems to be unknown for force_action module

# rspamadm configtest
cannot find dependency on symbol SOPHOS_FAILED for symbol FORCE_ACTION_SOFT_REJECT_VIRUS_SCAN_FAIL

and also antivirus module logs some complaints.

proxy; lua_task_insert_result_common: symbol insertion issue: unknown symbol SOPHOS_FAILED; trace: [1]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/lua_scanners/common.lua:110 - yield_result [Lua]}; [2]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/lua_scanners/sophos.lua:118 - <unknown> [Lua]};

Adding symbols to antivirus_group.conf did not help.

Any hints ?


Zbynek J.

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