[Rspamd-Users] DMARC report sending

Aste aste at sveiks.lv
Mon Mar 15 13:42:12 UTC 2021

Hello Users,
I have problem with DMARC report sending, after  moving   to dedicated node and some DNS cache
server tuning I get all reports finally delivered, but also I get 30M..40M such errors per day:

dmarc.lua:1081: lookup error [nil._report._dmarc.qq.com]: network error
dmarc.lua:1081: lookup error [nil._report._dmarc.qq.com]: query timed out  

but in rspamd logfile I have only 2k..3.5k entries which contains qq.com in any combinations.

Is there any way to ban qq.com from dmrac reporting or any idea how to fix that error?

(Rspamd is latest 2.7 from rspam ubuntu repo) 

Best regards,
 Aste                          mailto:aste at sveiks.lv

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