[Rspamd-Users] Priority of whitelist and blacklist in rspamd

Sandy Drobic rspamd at drobic.de
Fri Mar 5 11:58:15 UTC 2021


I stumbled on a problem how to make sure that a whitelisted recipient will
receive the mail and is not blocked by another rule.
The documentation shows how priority is used to merge different settings in
the configuration files but not how to prioritize one rule over another.

In this case I have a whitelist rule and a blacklist rule and discovered that
the blacklist rule trumps the whitelist rule. I want to find out how this works.


# whitelist recipient address (printserver)
      type = "rcpt";
      filter = "email:domain";
      map = "${LOCAL_CONFDIR}/local.d/recipient_whitelist";
      prefilter = true;
      score = 0.0;
      action = "accept";
# forbidden extensions in attachments (and archives as attachment)
file_extension_blacklist {
      type = "filename";
      filter = "extension";
      map = "${LOCAL_CONFDIR}/local.d/file_extension_blacklist.map";
      prefilter = true;
      action = "reject";
      message = "attachment type not allowed";

If no forbidden extension is found the recipient is whitelisted and the only
symbol is RECIPIENT_WHITELIST as a result.
But if an attachment from the blacklisted list is found the rule
file_extension_blacklist is overruling the recipient_whitelist.

How can I control which rule takes priority?


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