[Rspamd-Users] proxy; fuzzy_check_timer_callback: got IO timeout with server fuzzy1.rspamd.com:11335(, after 1 retransmits

Tim Harman tim at muppetz.com
Mon Jul 5 01:41:27 UTC 2021

On 03/07/2021 2:13 am, Thomas Robers wrote:
> Blocking because of to much queries shouldn't be the problem either.
> There are no FUZZY_BLOCKED messages in the log file - we have
> about 2k Messages per day. Both server run for almost one month
> and the one with the errors has no successful connect to 
> fuzzy1.rspamd.com
> or fuzzy2.rspamd.com. Is there something I'm missing? Can someone
> tell, where to look, what to do to get this to work? Any help is
> welcome.
> Many thanks!
> Thomas

I would suggest looking at your Network MTU and seeing if that's a 
Note that I've never seen MTU problems talking to rspamd, but given your 
symptoms it's something that comes to mind.


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