[Rspamd-Users] multimap: use an map if another map ismatch

rspam at padaru.com rspam at padaru.com
Tue Jan 26 08:57:06 UTC 2021

   aah nice, thats it, thank you!

   Is there an way to set that action at first postition of the checks? Or
   is there an way to setup an higher prio or something?

   Currently i have this checks in my mailheader:
    ASN(0.00)[asn:24940, ipnet:xx.xx.0.0/16, country:DE];
    FORCE_ACTION_accept_all(0.00)[no_action] --> this one should be at first pos
ition, and no other check should run after that

   Alexander Moisseev schrieb am 25.01.2021 18:48 (GMT +01:00):

25.01.2021 14:50, rspam at padaru.com pishet:
>     If i disable the second rule (accept_all) in my multimap.conf, the
>     first rule (activate_scan_for_users) work, rspam write the symbol
>     "Rspam_Activated_AI" to my header. But if i activate the rule
>     accept_all, it seems as the rule activate_scan_for_users wont run.

It doesn't work because setting an action in multimap rule implies prefilter.

Remove accept_all multimap rule and use force actions module instead:


rules {
     accept_all {
         expression = "!Rspam_Activated";
         action = "no_action";
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