[Rspamd-Users] Migrating Rspamd: How to keep bayes ham/spam learning?

Cédric cedric at nyro.dev
Mon Jan 11 09:55:53 UTC 2021


I'm sorry if it was already answered or if it's obvious, but I can't 
find a solution after many googlings.

I have an old server using rspamd for a while now.
It's working pretty well and because it has some good learning on the 
bayes, I'm pretty happy on how the spam is filtered.
In case it helps, it's using debian 9, Rspamd 2.7.

I now migrate from this old server to a new one.
Everything is setup and working correctly.
But this server is new, so there is absolutely no spam/ham learning yet.
The new server uses debian 10, Rspamd 2.7 too.

My question is pretty simple:
How can I export the BAYES spam/ham learning from my old server to 
import it on the new server?



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