[Rspamd-Users] disable SPAM_FLAG for localhost

Jesse Norell jesse at kci.net
Thu Feb 18 21:30:03 UTC 2021


  Running rspamd as a milter, when an email which hits the "add header"
threshold and is forwarded from one recipient to another, the second
recipient gets similar score plus another 5.00 due to SPAM_FLAG
matching the tags which rspamd itself added for the first recipient,
and then may be rejected.  Is there a way to disable SPAM_FLAG based on
ip =, or maybe for all local_addrs?  (On a related note, wouldn't it make sense if that were the default behavior?)  Or maybe disable it if the FORWARDED or PREVIOUSLY_DELIVERED symbol is also set?

 I'm pretty new to rspamd and spending quite some time in the
documentation, but I'm not coming up with the answer for this yet and
would appreciate any pointers.


Jesse Norell
Kentec Communications, Inc.
970-522-8107  -  www.kci.net

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