[Rspamd-Users] Is storing history just not supported?

David Reagan me at davidreagan.net
Wed Feb 3 00:53:54 UTC 2021

Hey all,

When I push an update to my server, I recreate the docker containers 
rspamd and redis live in. I have redis configured to save data to disk, 
and it does do so. My bayes learning stats are retained. But all the 
rest of my stats go away. I went from over 400 scanned messages, to 0.

I have redis configured in /etc/rspamd/local.d/redis.conf.

write_servers = "spamfilter-db";
read_servers = "spamfilter-db";

 From everything in the docs I could find, that should make all the 
modules that support redis, use redis, right?

Am I missing something? Is storing history just not supported?

Thanks in advance.

- David Reagan

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