[Rspamd-Users] rspamd-WebIF not working anymore after upgrading FreeBSD 11.4/rspamd 2.7 to FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE/rspamd-3.0

rspamdlist at webchannel.de rspamdlist at webchannel.de
Thu Dec 9 09:52:22 UTC 2021

Thank you very much for your help! :-)

Indeed it was the firewall and I had to add a firewall rule for port 
11334/tcp which was not necessary before I upgraded to FreeBSD 12.2.

Kind regards

Am 09.12.2021 um 01:24 schrieb Nihad @ RSPAMD maillist via Users:
> If I understand correctly, your rspamd web interface is/was exposed to outside directly by entering hostname:port of the said machine?
> Now it is not anymore.
> As not only rspamd was updated, I would look for changes in firewall rules. Check ports on outside IP of that host, see if that port is open. If it is not open, most likely firewall blocking port. Or access to outside not permitted by something else.
> Did you try to access rspamd web interface directly from machine  rspamd is running on? Ex. "wgethttp://" or similar tool to wget.
> /Nihad
> On 8 Dec 2021, 20.48 +0100, User questions<users at lists.rspamd.com>, wrote:
>> |rspamd rspamd-3.0 771 19 tcp4 ip-address:11334 *:* rspamd rspamd-3.0
>> 770 10 tcp4 *:* rspamd rspamd-3.0 769 10 tcp4
>> *:* rspamd rspamd-3.0 768 10 tcp4 *:*
>> rspamd rspamd-3.0 767 10 tcp4 *:* root rspamd-3.0 766 10
>> tcp4 *:* root rspamd-3.0 766 19 tcp4 ip-address:11334 *:*|

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