[Rspamd-Users] Regexp Rejecting Authenticated Users

Pete Long pete at valar.uk.net
Tue Dec 7 20:11:46 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I perhaps have a similar query to Jurgen regarding the usage of regular
express in Rspamd.

After checking out a few sites, I found one that had a list of regular
expressions like those show immediately below.

/luxury accomomdation/gi
/luxury accommodations/gi

I used this section in /usr/local/etc/rspamd/local.d/multimap.conf:

	type = "content";
	filter = "headers";
	map = "/usr/local/etc/rspamd/local.d/common.spam.regexp.map";
	action = "reject";
	regexp = true;

I'll admit that I took it on faith to use the 'g' modifier but now that
I look at the following URL, I cannot find any mention of this modifier.


For a while all seemed ok but then at what seemed like a few days, all
of my submissions to external recipients were being rejected by my mail
server with the 'PROBABLE_SPAM' reason. This would occur whether I
submitted a mail externally or on my own LAN which I thought I'd

The only way I could seem to fix this self-inflicted issue was to
comment out the 'PROBABLE_SPAM' section of multimap.conf and restart the
rspamd service.

I have this line in my smtpd.conf:

listen on bge0 tls pki mydomain.tld \
    hostname mydomain.tld filter { check_rdns, rspamd }

If anyone can offer any information on what I did wrong then I'd be

Thanks for your time.


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