[Rspamd-Users] Multimap module does not show description on Web UI?

Dario rspamd at disconnessi.org
Wed Aug 25 08:41:51 UTC 2021

if I configure a multimap rule with type "combined", the description 
shown in Web UI is "multimap" instead of the one set in the configuration.
This is an example:

local_multimap {
   type = "combined";
   rules {
     domain = {
       map = "$CONFDIR/local.d/maps.d/local_example.inc";
       selector = "from:domain";
       require_symbols = "R_SPF_ALLOW";
     email = {
       map = "$CONFDIR/local.d/maps.d/local_example.inc";
       selector = "from:addr";
       require_symbols = "R_SPF_ALLOW";
   expression = "domain || email";
   description = "Domains or email senders";
   symbol = "MY_EXAMPLE";

I also tried to put description inside "domain" and "email" rule, but 
the behaviour is the same.
I tried to explore the source code of the plugin, but I don't know lua 
What I'm doing wrong? This behaviour seems to appear only in the type 
"combined". Other "types" are showing description correctly.


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