[Rspamd-Users] Different rejection thresholds for different recipient domains?

Johannes Rohr johannes at rohr.org
Wed Aug 18 07:08:33 UTC 2021

Am 07.05.21 um 09:52 schrieb Alexander Moisseev via Users:
> On 07.05.2021 9:13, Johannes Rohr wrote:
>> I would like to prevent this by lowering the threshold upon which mail
>> to any of our mailman subdomains is rejected, without affecting the
>> normal IMAP mailboxes. What would be the most straightforward way to
>> achieving this?
> You can set action thresholds for subdomains with user settings.
> https://rspamd.com/doc/configuration/settings.html

A belated thank you!

Looking at the docs page, I am not sure about the nomenclature for 
settings.conf. Would

rcpt = "@some.domain";

match every message sent to some.user at some.domain?



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