[Rspamd-Users] Checking FQDN instead of domain in RBLs

Riccardo Alfieri riccardo.alfieri at spamteq.com
Thu Aug 12 05:57:26 UTC 2021


is there a way to make Rspamd check the FQDN of a URL instead of the 
bare domain?

What I'd like to do is make Rspamd look up for "subdomain.wordpress.com" 
instead of  "wordpress.com" when it finds 
"https://subdomain.wordpress.com/whatever.php" in the body urls.

The url is correctly extracted because when I run a "rspamc -v test.eml" 
on an email that has the aforementioned url in the body, I can see that:

Urls: ["subdomain.wordpress.com"]

But the lookup is done on "wordpress.com"

I'm currently using this configuration:

spamhaus_dbl_fullurls {
     rbl = "<redacted>";
     ignore_defaults = true;
     urls = true;
     disable_monitoring = true;
     returncodes {

Maybe there is a simple switch to turn on to make what I need? I tried 
looking on https://rspamd.com/doc/modules/rbl.html but without success.


Best regards,
Riccardo Alfieri

Spamhaus Technology

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