[Rspamd-Users] Spam from my own address not detected

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Thu Apr 29 20:06:54 UTC 2021

Hello Hans,

That test says that SPF exists, so that's correct. It also says that my 
SPF policy isn't very strict. I'm currently changing that to the next 
level with ~all.

But the record is there and Rspamd states it isn't. That's wrong. So I 
don't understand that message, it's wrong or confusing.

The test also says that DKIM is not there, but it also explains that it 
is just unable to find the records. DKIM records are there but probably 
cannot apply unless a DKIM signature says which name to use so that the 
correct DNS record can be queried. Since these messages don't have a 
signature, DKIM does not apply.

I'm currently looking into DMARC and see what I can do with that.


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Betreff: [Rspamd-Users] Spam from my own address not detected

Op 27 apr. 2021, om 21:23 heeft Yves Goergen 
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Hello Yves,

I keep getting spam mail that has my own e-mail address as envelope 
sender. Then I look in the Rspamd log and see that it has this label:

R_SPF_NA (0) [no SPF record]

The tooltip says:

Missing SPF record

Something's wrong here. My domains all have SPF and DKIM records.

Are you sure? Take a look at these results: 
Here you can see that your domain doesn’t have the right DMARC, DKIM and 
SPF records.

Why do I see this message here? What does it mean?

I think Rspamd is right, in this case.
My suggestion is to take a look into your DNS settings to make sure you 
have the right records.
And while you’re there, please enable DNSSEC and DANE too, if possible.

Best regards / Met vriendelijke groet,

Hans van Eijsden

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