[Rspamd-Users] RSPAMD_EMAILBL max_score and log entry question

C. Bernard rspamd_users_ml at cmb.ch
Fri Apr 2 12:42:57 UTC 2021

Hi all

2 examples:

RSPAMD_EMAILBL (9.5) [no-reply.mail.instagram.com:replyto]
WHITELIST_DMARC (-7) [instagram.com:D:+]

(See all positive scores below) It is also on the NIXSPAM list, and  
there they say FB doesn't care to send out Emails to spamtraps, so it  
is on the list...that might be the reason it is on the RSPAMD_EMAILBL  
list as well.

RSPAMD_EMAILBL (9.5) [no-reply.hm.com:replyto]
WHITELIST_SPF_DKIM (-3) [hm.com:d:+,hm.com:s:+]

Why should that be in the BL? A mistake maybe? anyway...

My actual issue:
If for a symbol group (or config group that max_score applies to) it  
hits the max_score, will it not show all Symbols in the log?
And show only the one that has the highest score? My max_score on this  
group that includes RSPAMD_EMAILBL is 9.5 and I am wondering why it  
hit max_score if this was the only one and has only 4.5 points  

The Scores / log of this 1.st example above:

RSPAMD_EMAILBL (9.5) [no-reply.mail.instagram.com:replyto]
WHITELIST_DMARC (-7) [instagram.com:D:+]
WHITELIST_SPF_DKIM (-3) [instagram.com:d:+,instagram.com:s:+]
BAYES_SPAM (2.548295) [91.69%]
R_MIXED_CHARSET (0.615672)
ARC_NA (0.2)

RBL_NIXSPAM is not in the same "group" with RSPAMD_EMAILBL as far as i  
understand, so even if it was, the score should be 8.5 (4.5 + 4)  
instead the max_score 9.5 (or should it even be score 5.5 as 9.5(max)  
-4 (RBL_NIXSPAM) = 5.5?
Any Ideas or comments?

Thanks & Cheers

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