[Rspamd-Users] SPF module not found

Daniel Lysfjord lysfjord.daniel at smokepit.net
Fri Sep 25 15:32:08 UTC 2020

"J. Fahrner via Users" <users at lists.rspamd.com> skrev 25. september 2020 kl. 16:52:

> Am 2020-09-25 16:18, schrieb Daniel Lysfjord via Users:
>> R_SPF_NA (0) [no SPF record] <- probably because of that? What DNS
>> servers are you using? Are your local dns pretending to be authorative
>> for the sending domain?
> I'm using unbound on my local vps
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Something breaks when fetching SPF records, then. Check your rspamd log for signs of SPF related activity (mine contains notifications that it stores and uses entries in the cache. Look for lowercase "spf"), also, check your unbound logs for related queries (TXT records). Does the mails from this list have their SPF tags?

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