[Rspamd-Users] rbl check sender domain part

Bill Pye bill.pye at phoenix-systems.co.uk
Thu Sep 10 11:24:29 UTC 2020

Hi Manuel

Sorry for that post and I should have read it in more detail, I was looking at the title and made a too hasty and incorrect assumption. I'll be a biut more careful next time and I hope you get a solution to your question.



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>> Hi
>> I haven't tried this but I found a post on the Nethserver forum that you might
>> be able to adapt, obviously I don't know if this is possible but it's located
>> here: https://community.nethserver.org/t/blocking-email-at-the-tld/6485/20
>> It would make an interesting addition to the Rspamd wiki if it does. :)
>> Regards
> Hi bill thx for the answer but i don't want to blacklist a tld or domain, i want
> to match a sender domain against a rbl.
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