[Rspamd-Users] Basic questions

m.eckardt at secmailpro.eu m.eckardt at secmailpro.eu
Thu Sep 3 21:52:20 UTC 2020


I have some basic questions about rspamd which I could not answer by 
reading the documentation. I have setup a proxy-mode configuration with 
two hosts. One host is an mta; controller, normal and proxy worker are 
enabled. The other is an mda, normal worker is enabled, proxy and 
controller are disabled. The Idea is to have one host for rspamd data as 
well as scanning and the second host as additional scanner.
If the normal worker is just for scanning and the controller for 
learning, how does the normal worker communicate with the controller? I 
don't see any option to tell the normal worker how to reach the 
Do I need to tell the proxy about the port the controller is listening 
to? If yes, how? my Proxy-worker configuration is below.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have the feeling rspamd is very good, 
but I don't quite get how it works yet.



worker {
     rspamd_proxy {
         max_retries = 5;
         timeout = 120;
         spam_header = "X-Spam";
         quarantine_on_reject = false;
         reject_message = "Rejected as SPAM by secmailpro scanning 
         discard_on_reject = false;
         milter = true;
         upstream {
             local {
                 hosts = "localhost";
                 default = true;
             scan {
                 hosts = 
                 default = true;
         bind_socket = "localhost:11332";
         count = 1;

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