[Rspamd-Users] Ratelimit for Localhost

P V Anthony anthony at mindmedia.com.sg
Sat Oct 31 14:25:03 UTC 2020

On 29/10/2020 6:05 pm, Daniel, Sebastian wrote:
> Hello,
> Does anyone know how it's possible, that mails from the system itselfs will counted against the ratelimit?
> Actually it's only working for the Emails sending from clients etc., but not for the system self - for example the user "root" used by a bash-script on Linux.
> The mails are scanned by rspamd because they are in the history - but the ratelimit seems igonre the localhost ?!?

I too am looking for a solution for this.

It the rspamd telegram channel, a setting in postfix was mentioned but 
not sure how or if it can be used.



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