[Rspamd-Users] Looking for the optimal redis configuration

Sleddens, J.P.G. (Jeffry) j.p.g.sleddens at hr.nl
Sun Oct 18 15:11:49 UTC 2020



We are in the process of setting up an installation with at least 7 rspamd scanners. One thing I am struggling with is what the best redis setup would be for our rspamd config in terms of amount of redis instances, types and replication.

I’ve read all the messages pertaining to redis in this mailinglist’s archives and read all documentation on the website, but I’m still uncertain what the most optimal redis setup is. We do want all 7 rspamd scanners to share information as much as possible and prevent a single point of failure in the setup.   


We will be using the following rspamd modules that use redis as a backend: greylisting, dmarc, replies, mx_check, reputation, neural network.


Any tips or suggestions are very welcome.


With kind regards,

Jeffry Sleddens

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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