[Rspamd-Users] Module control per user

rspam at padaru.com rspam at padaru.com
Mon Oct 12 13:33:11 UTC 2020

   Hey again,

   i am still stuck on the problem that i want to control single modules
   of the Rspamd user specific.

   I thought I could do this in the User Settings
   https://rspamd.com/doc/configuration/settings.html but I can't get it
   to disable single modules for single users.

   This whitelist deactivates all modules for individual recipients, but I
   want only certain modules to be deactivated, such as ClamAv or spam

   local_wl_rcpt {
   type = "rcpt";
   map = "$CONFDIR/local.d/local_wl_rcpt.map";
   symbol = "LOCAL_WL_RCPT";
   regex = true;
   prefilter = true;
   action = "accept"
   description = "Whitelist map for LOCAL_WL_RCPT

   I've already tried a lot of things, but I can't figure out what to make
   of the documentary.

   Recently I tried to deactivate some modules with a settings.conf, but
   this setting is completely ignored:

   clamav {
   rcpt = "my at server.com";
   id = "clamav";
   apply {
   symbols_disabled= ["CLAM_VIRUS"];

   For example, the virus scan is still running here.

   I'm really stuck at this point, can anyone give me a tip in the right
   direction on how to disable individual modules for individual users?
   Best with a map of users, which is read by the Rspamd.

   With kind regards


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