[Rspamd-Users] weird bug in settings.conf

Jens Friedrichs jens.friedrichs at uni-leipzig.de
Mon Oct 12 05:13:21 UTC 2020

Hello @all

I have a little problem and need somebody who can confirm this.

This is my setting with the bug:

  priority = medium;
  authenticated = true;
  request_header = {
    "MTA-Name" = "smtpd-emotet";
  apply {
     actions {
       rewrite_subject = null;
       reject = null;
       greylist = null;
       add_header = null;
     symbols_enabled = [
     groups_enabled = [
  symbols [

basically it is just activating antivirus, oletools and some 
blacklists/force_actions. Oletools are working. All blacklists are 
working but not antivirus. It seems that the antivirus group won't get 
activated. BUT ... if i change the name and the ID of the Setting to 
"INCOMING_SMTP_EMOTET_ONLY" (just remove the _AUTHENTICATED) it works. 
Now Sophos and ClamAV are working. Can somebody confirm this bug?

Jens Friedrichs

System Administrator

Universität Leipzig
Augustusplatz 10, 04109 Leipzig

jens.friedrichs at uni-leipzig.de


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