[Rspamd-Users] LUA SENDER_REP bug after 2.6 upgrade

Christian Balzer chibi at gol.com
Wed Oct 7 00:12:39 UTC 2020


noticed this since the upgrade, it happens for both SPAM and HAM:
task; lua_task_insert_result_common: symbol insertion issue: unknown symbol SENDER_REP_HAM; trace: [1]:{/usr/share/rspamd/plugins/reputation.lua:80 - add_symbol_score [Lua]}; [2]:{/usr/share/rspamd/plugins/reputation.lua:424 - ipstats_check [Lua]}; [3]:{/usr/share/rspamd/plugins/reputation.lua:453 - continuation_cb [Lua]}; [4]:{/usr/share/rspamd/plugins/reputation.lua:915 - callback [Lua]}; [5]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/lua_redis.lua:1296 - callback [Lua]}; [6]:{/usr/share/rspamd/lualib/lua_redis.lua:917 - <unknown> [Lua]};

No config customization in this area I'm aware off.


Christian Balzer        Network/Systems Engineer                
chibi at gol.com   	Rakuten Mobile Inc.

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