[Rspamd-Users] Blacklists Not Working

Kyle A. kyle at cci1986.com
Tue Oct 6 15:46:15 UTC 2020


I just joined the list.  I don't see a way to search the list like you
can on yahoo or groups.io, so I apologize if my question is a repeat.

I have a working rspamd and I have added some local black lists which
are not processed.

Some of the basics ARE WORKING:
* Blacklists show up and are editable/saveable in webui #configuration
  (matching local.d/multimap.conf)
* Blacklists show up with the correct score values in webui #symbols
  (matching local.d/groups.conf)

Yet the entries in the referenced files are not processed.  It is like
rspamd isn't processing modules.d/multimap.conf.  Any suggestions are

Here are a couple of snippets showing excerpts of what I've done:

# local.d/groups.conf
group "multimap" {
  symbols = {
    # Blacklists
      weight = 15;
      description = "Sender DOMAIN listed in local blacklist";

# local.d/multimap.conf
# Blacklists
local_bl_domain {
  type = "from";
  filter = "email:domain";
  map = "/var/lib/rspamd/local_bl_domain.inc";
  prefilter = true;
  action = "reject";
  description = "Blacklisted domain";

cat /var/lib/rspamd/local_bl_domain.inc
# Block by domain
# Add one domain per line

We continue to get messages from "info at nottherealdomain.com" and the
#history entries make no reference to the blacklists at all.  There are
4 blacklists in all, and all 4 are ignored.


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