[Rspamd-Users] LUA plugins not found after update

Alexander Moisseev moiseev at mezonplus.ru
Fri Nov 13 15:58:59 UTC 2020

13.11.2020 15:26, Martin Brampton via Users пишет:
> I'm unclear whether this is relevant, but if I browse to:
> https://mail.example.com/rspamd/plugins/selectors/list_transforms
> the result is some JSON containing:
> error:    "No command associated"
> Browsing to:
> https://mail.example.com/rspamd/plugins/selectors/list_transform
> simply results in not found (404).
> To my non-expert mind, this suggests that the issue is not an s being added by Apache.
> Although "/plugins/selectors/list_transforms" looks like a path, presumably it isn't, as I don't have a path containing "selectors" looking anything like that.
> Not sure where to go next.

The https protocol in your tests suggests that you are checking these URIs through the same broken Apache.

Exclude reverse proxy, connect directly to rspamd controller and make sure everything works as expected.
If for some reason you cannot connect directly to rspamd, you can access it with web-browser via ssh tunnel or query the URI from the server itself with curl like:
curl -H 'Password: XXX'

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