[Rspamd-Users] LUA plugins not found after update

Alexander Moisseev moiseev at mezonplus.ru
Wed Nov 4 21:50:36 UTC 2020

04.11.2020 23:26, Markus Pachali пишет:
>> On 31. Oct 2020, at 08:49, Alexander Moisseev <moiseev at mezonplus.ru> wrote:
>> On 29.10.2020 22:07, Markus Pachali wrote:
>>> I’ll check if the entries only appear in the log file if I have the WebUI open.
>> They should appear only once after authentication.  To reproduce you need to reload WebUI in web-browser and enter password.
> Yes, you’re right, it happens right after I login to the WebUI.
> But if it is not in the config of the httpd is there any setting in the configs of rspamd itself which are worth to check?
I would capture http requests with tcpdump. If there is no extra "s" in the web-browser http request, but it appears in the request from httpd to rspamd then httpd is the culprit.

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