[Rspamd-Users] [SPAM?] Re: Ratelimit for Localhost

Daniel, Sebastian s.daniel at q-mex.net
Mon Nov 2 07:52:12 UTC 2020

No, that's not the solution. I have setup this (as mentioned at the first mail) and with the selector "user" rspamd don't recognized the system-mails, because they're not owend by a user.

I have now create additional buckets for "from" and "to" - but this is a temporal solution, because i have a ratelimit for incoming mails. That's a little bit fail...

Does somebody know, wich selector are working for the "anonymous" bash-root or bash-user?
Or it's possible to reject localhost using the MTA anonymous?

The last question makes the most sense... because then the localhost used a user and the selector "user" are working as well as by a normal client...


>> non_smtpd_milters = $smtpd_milters
>> It is not related to the OP's case since local mail is scanned by Rspamd.
> Cool. Can this help with the local mail to be limited by ratelimit by rspamd?
> P.V.Anthony

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