[Rspamd-Users] Zero values in "Frequency" and "Avg. time" at Symbols page

Arno Welzel privat at arnowelzel.de
Sat May 9 13:42:11 UTC 2020

Alexander Moisseev via Users:

> 09.05.2020 3:13, Arno Welzel пишет:
>> Arno Welzel:
>>> Slawomir Jaranowski:
>>>> I have question about columns "Frequency" and "Avg. time" at Symbols page.
>>>> All of those value are zero.
>>> I have the same issue and also don't know how to fix this.
>> Seems to be a weird problem: I just opened the symbols list again and
>> now the "frequency" columns shows values. However only for three symbols
>> eventhough many more symbols got used (the server has a throughput of
>> about 200-300 mails per day).
> Symbols statistics is unusable on low traffic mail servers.
> This statistics is calculated within a very short time period (hardcoded, user cannot change it).
> I don't know exact value, maybe it is 1 minute or so.

Thanks for the clarification. It might be a good idea to have either the
time period configurable or at least an information in the UI what time
period was used for the calculation.

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