[Rspamd-Users] Per user bayes filtering

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Thu May 7 00:55:13 UTC 2020

Hi, I've set per_user=true but I'm struggling to find any documentation
about how to manage per user bayes filtering. I noticed the docs said to
be careful of misc users incorrectly classifying spam so that comment
seems to indicate any user driven bayes retraining (via sieve scripts)
will influence bayes spam detection stats for all users.

Are scores truly per user in redis or is any sieve retraining by every
user just adding to the global bayes tally and not truly providing a
separate spam score per user?

Excuse my naivety but I've just started using Rspamd because an update to
spamprobe causes it crash so I am trying to replace it and how I was
using it via a dedicated spam filtering database per user.

Mark Constable
0419 530 037

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