[Rspamd-Users] Call for testing: Rspamd 2.5 RC 1

rspamd at vlh.dk rspamd at vlh.dk
Thu Mar 26 15:41:39 UTC 2020


Never really used the live-builds - so forgot about that 😊

And not really using git/knowing much about it - the b020e80f6 Is what I want to set for the specific commit then?


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On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 04:14:50PM +0100, Kim Sindalsen via Users wrote:
> Hi,
> Is this something I do/can download via git?
> (for compiling/installing on a Gentoo-system)

You can use live ebuild in gentoo (mail-filter/rspamd-9999)

Use EGIT_OVERRIDE_COMMIT_RSPAMD_RSPAMD environment variable if you want to test specific commit.


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