[Rspamd-Users] phishing.lua problem after rspamd 2.4 upgrade / terminated abnormally

Vsevolod Stakhov vsevolod at rspamd.com
Tue Mar 3 22:35:04 UTC 2020

On 27/02/2020 13:03, Gerald Galster wrote:
> Hello,
> rspamd 2.4 asan build seems to have issues related to phishing.lua, see log attached.
> I had to downgrade to 2.3 which runs without problems.
> Would it be possible to leave some previous versions in the centos repo?
> I tried yum downgrade rspamd, which was not possible. Instead I had to
> download an rpm and do the downgrade manually.
> Thanks
> Gerald

That is fixed in 2.4-2 packages.

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