[Rspamd-Users] starting with rspamd

Marc Roos M.Roos at f1-outsourcing.eu
Wed Jun 17 14:28:52 UTC 2020

I want to have a look a rspamd, just link it to sendmail via milter and 
have it do only check an ebl check.

Out of the box rspamd comes with 2850 lines of configuration file. I am 
not able to test/read those all at once. I would like rspamd to do only 
this one check and in future expand the configuration.

Question 1: 
I assume I have to override the rspamd.conf to get rid of all the 
Although it says on the top I should rspamd.conf.local. Because undoing 
everyting is more work and an package update could ad a module that I 
did not disable.

Question 2: 
Does a worker "rspamd_proxy" suffice? Or do I need normal, controller 
and/or fuzzy?

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