[Rspamd-Users] how to disable greylisting and DKIM

Arno Welzel privat at arnowelzel.de
Mon Jun 8 07:58:20 UTC 2020


Anton Blau:

> Hello,
> I set up a mail server as a pure smart host (postfix, dovecot, rspamd,
> clamav). All emails are forwarded to the smarthost mail.gmx.de. The
> emails are collected via getmail. The mailserver has only a Dyndns-address.
> I ask you for answers to these questions:
> 1. Does greylisting make sense in this configuration (smarthost)?

No. Greylisting makes only sense on the MX. However if you only fetch
mail via getmail from the MX you already have the mail and there is no
sender which you can greylist.

> 2. I suspect that DKIM doesn't make sense either - right?

Correct DKIM is used to sign outgoing mails when delivering them to the
MX of the reciever. In your case you only forward all mail to another
host - and then this host will do DKIM signing if it supports that.

 3. Does the "reject" action make sense in this constellation? Wouldn't
> it be better to do without "reject" and to use "rewrite subject"?

You can't reject mails in this scenario. mail.gmx.de already accepted
the mails you collect using getmail. So the only thing left is to do
subject rewriting or adding an additional header so you can move spammy
mails to a "junk" folder on Dovecot using Sieve.

> 4. How do I deactivate greylisting, DKIM and reject in rspamd?

For DKIM just disable the module:

# local.d/dkim_signing.conf
enabled = false;

To override or disable rules for greylisting and rejecting see here:


All the best,

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